We are proud to present this innovative project unexpectedly blooming amid global doom and gloom, depression in the construction sector and an epidemic of cynicism in Riversonderend. FynBloem is a first of its kind protea packing facility whose strikingly successful marriage of form, business model and sustainable construction will enable the environmentally friendly export of our national flower from some of our most innovative architecture. Kube Architects have followed a brief determined by the requirements of Marks & Spencers "Plan A" trading initiative which is aimed at addressing climate change, reducing wastage, using raw materials and trading ethically.The number of innovations used is truly impressive and is well worth reading on Kube's blog

Probably the most impressive innovation, and one that deserves mention here as well, is the use of ammonia as the refrigerant. As the chief power demand for the plant the refrigeration cycle required a cutting edge approach. GEA Refrigerant Solutions (whose project solutions arm provide the project management service for the initiative) developed a solution that uses anhydrous ammonia as the refrigerant. Not only is this an ozone friendly, natural gas it also significantly reduces electricity consumption. Based on the electrical engineers calculations, the ammonia systems uses 1590kwh less per day due to ammonia’s better c.o.p (coefficient of performance – refrigeration produced from electrical power used) This is the equivalent of 1,5 tons CO2 saved per day! The project also features a reed bed filtration system designed by Jeffares and Green, the environmental consultants on the job.

We hope this project will inspire more corporates to explore the highly the great potential that lies on the axis between the necessary beneficiation of this country's natural resources and the innovation and creativity of her architects and designers. We also look forward to seeing the building complete with interiors designed by Lu'Nique.

 Entrance perspective

 North East perspective

South West Perspective

North elevation

Project Name: FynBloem Protea Packing Facility
Location: Riviersonderend, Southern Cape, South Africa
Architects: Kube Architects
Civil and Structural Engineers: Sutherland 
Refrigerant Engineering and installation: GEA Project Solutions
Project Management: GEA Refrigerant Solutions
Environmental Survey: Jeffares and Green
Reed-bed design: Jeffares and Green
Interior Design: Lu'Nique
Quantity Surveyors: Talani Quantity Surveyors
Project Year: 2011-
Images: Kube Architecture
Text: za_architecture